Your garage door is a focal point on your home and makes a significant impact on its curb appeal and value.

Fortunately, you can give a dramatic facelift to your home with an elegantly designed custom garage door.

For years, homeowners in Los Angeles have been relying on GDM Garage Doors Repair & Installation for their custom garage door design solutions.

We understand every home is unique and deserves a garage door that complements its architectural integrity. That is why we offer a wide variety of styles, brands and customizations for your garage door design to meet your personal taste and preferences.

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable experts can design custom-build garage doors with all types of materials to match virtually any design imaginable.

No matter how simple or complex the design of the door you have visualized, they always harness their industry knowledge with their peerless craftsmanship to translate it into an aesthetically pleasing and optimally functional garage door.

They always take time to understand your unique idea, your needs, and budget and offer you the choices and advice that which door will perfectly suit your space.

The materials we use in our garage doors are not only visually rich but of the finest quality, and you can expect the durability from it that you deserve.

Custom Garage Door Design Options

The range of our garage door repair services include but not limited to:

Material - Garage Door Custom Design


Choosing a material is one of the most critical decisions to make in your custom garage door project. Garage doors come in a wide variety of materials, including wood, steel, copper, aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl.

Color - Garage Door Custom Design


Regardless of the type of material you choose for your garage door, you can personalize it to match or accent your home.


We also a wide range of door types to provide our clients with maximum customization options. Whether you want a roll-up, swing-up, side hinged, or any type of door, we can craft one that you have dreamt.


The garage door style options from contemporary to modern or from traditional to carriage style. As a general rule, all aspects of the garage door design should meld with or accent the style and theme of your home.

Garage Door Weatherstripping - Garage Door Custom Design

Weather Resistant Features:

You can incorporate waterproof seals and heat insulation to protect it from the damage caused by these elements so that it operates at its absolute best for a good time of its serviceable life.

Hardware Choices - Garage Door Custom Design

Hardware Choices:

Decorative garage door hardware is a great way to incorporate an extra flair to your garage door design. Pull handles, door knockers, locks brackets, nails, door knockers and hinges come in different styles, and you can choose one that matches the style of your door.

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Let us Craft the Garage Door of Your Dreams

If you’re looking for something beyond a generic garage door for your home, call us at (855) 914-4447 to share the custom door design idea in your mind with our experts.

From conception to completion, we will complete the job in a proficient and agile manner to ensure you have a great garage space for your home.

Let us Craft the Garage Door of Your Dreams